Finally Put Unsightly Skin In Your Rearview

Do you cringe a little when you look at your rough skin, Cracked heels, and hideous calluses? If so, you’re going to love diamond stone. Because it is going help soften that rough skin and effectively remove, dead, dry skin. Use it on your feet, and be ready to be floored by the results.

Quick, Spa-Like Experience Right At Home

Booking a spa appointment is a nice treat now and then, but most people can’t afford to do so regularly. The Diamond stone brings the spa right into the comfort of your own home. 

Pamper A Special Someone In Your Life

Consider this the ultimate “Happy Feet” gift set. Everyone loves to feel confident with clean smooth feet, Diamond Stone is going to help you achieve that. This set is a perfect gift for Birthdays, Holidays, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, and many more.

Made From Top Quality Materials

When customers choose Diamond Stone, they know they’re getting a quality product that won’t break the bank. We’re flattered by all of the alternative brands that have popped up. It means we’re doing something right! 

Stunningly Smooth Skin In A Few Easy Steps

Pamper yourself and totally transform your feet, feel the smooth skin in no time.

  • Simply soften your feet in warm water (or while taking a shower/bath).
  • Wet the stone with water and soap.
  • Gently rub it over your feet in a circular motion
  • Rinse your feet and dry them
  • Apply your favorite skin moisturizer when you’re finished.

Ergonomically Designed Making It Easy To Use

The Diamond stone is lightweight easy in the hand, very manageable size. It is designed to  be user friendly by all people (even people with disabilities) It is strong and not easily breakable.

Choose The Coarseness Level Best For You

You’re in charge of the pressure. The unique design of Diamond Stones comes equipped with two coarseness sides: Purple (coarse) and Lavender (medium). The ridged, coarse side is ideal for more stubborn skin issues, and the fine, smooth side is ideal for less stubborn skin issue. Please use with care and be responsible (CHILDREN MUST CONSULT THEIR PARENTS BEFORE USE) Consult with your doctor before use on sensitive skin.

You'll Get A Ton Of Use Out Of Each Stone

You might have been frustrated in the past with popular foot stones that fell apart after a few uses and did not clean your feet to your satisfaction. That won’t be a concern with the Diamond Stone. Unlike other scrubbers, this will not shed or crumble easily.  They’re designed to last and be used over and over again.

Look out for future amazing products!